E-PUMP Control panel with control unit for 2-5 Electric pumps




The E-pump electrical panel commands and controls electric pumps for civil and industrial pressurisation systems and is the optimal solution for managing multiple electric pumps to keep the pressure in the system as constant as possible.
This logic is able to control up to 5 pumps from a direct power line and therefore operating at a fixed speed of 50Hz; moreover, the logic allows the possibility of equipping the automatic timed alternation system with all the pumps. E-Pump automatically alternates the pumps making sure that all the pumps present work: this to optimise the operating times and the wear of the pumps themselves.
In the event of a failure of one of the pumps, the operating logic automatically excludes the given pump from the system by automatically inserting the next working pump in its place.
The pressure on the system is detected by no. 1 pressure transducer with 4-20mA output that is interfaced directly to the control unit: this keeps the pressure in the system at the desired working point by starting the pumps in sequence according to the consumption and water demand on the system itself.
Similarly, when the set pressure is reached on the system, the control unit stops the pumps in sequence.
It is possible, if the characteristics of the system require it, to set a time to delay the start-up of the electric pumps: this very important function avoids the risk of backpressures and/or pendulum phenomena within the water network.
The electrical panel is equipped with control input also from pressure switches (one for each pump): this system has been designed to allow the total operation of the system even in the event of failure of the control unit or the pressure transducer.


3” LCD Graphic display with display of the machine/system status No sudden pressure changes in the system therefore longer life of the pump Emergency pressure switch circuit


Panel made of metal box Protection class IP54 (IP66 on request) Colour RAL7035


Panel with electronic components:

  • Power supply: Single-phase version F+N+T 230V±10% 50/60Hz;
  • Three-phase version 3F+N+T 400V±10% 50/60Hz;
  • Auxiliary circuit voltage 24V±10% 50/60Hz;
  • Pressure switch-off-transducer operating selector;
  • Automatic operation via: 4-20mA pressure transmitter
  • Emergency operation via: pressure switches (1 for each pump)
  • Smart programming keyboard on the front panel;
  • LCD graphic with icons and texts to indicate: system pressure; start pressure; stop pressure; pump in operation, pump in block, pump stopped.
  • LEDs for network presence and presence of faults; Contactor sized in AC3;
  • Transformer in Class II;
  • Thermal protection for each pump that can be reset internally;
  • Motor protection fuses;
  • Auxiliary protection fuses;
  • General door lock disconnector;
  • Terminal block; User manual;
  • Wiring diagram and CE declaration.