Conditions of sale

Any supply made by IDROELETTRICA S.p.A. is exclusively governed by the following general conditions of sale. Any other terms or conditions of the purchaser are void unless undersigned by IDROELETTRICA S.p.A.

1 - ORDERS: the order will be considered accepted only upon receipt of the Customer Commitment (or order confirmation) prepared by Idroelettrica S.p.A. countersigned for acceptance in all its parts by the purchaser. Orders for the goods are valid only if they are sent in writing (fax/email/mail) and complete with all the data necessary for the identification of the products. In the event of a discrepancy with what is indicated on the purchaser's order, the supply conditions indicated on the Customer Commitment sent by IDRELETTRICA S.p.A. will be valid. 
The purchaser is responsible for verifying the exact heading, tax code and VAT number reported on the order and the timely communication of any inaccuracies for the purposes of Articles 27 and 41 of Presidential Decree 633/72. Nothing receiving by email to the address: we will not be held jointly liable.
Any adjustment or modification requested by the purchaser after the transmission of the order confirmation, will be considered valid only after written
acceptance by Idroelettrica S.p.A. and will result in the charge to the buyer of all the consequent charges.
The start of the terms indicated in the order will begin from the date on which all the data necessary for the completion of the supply and/or from that of the receipt of any deposit to the order will have been received. Idroelettrica will accept requests for postponement of the delivery date up to 20 working days before the delivery date indicated in the Customer Commitment, beyond this term, Idroelettrica S.p.A. reserves the right to complete the production by the agreed date, and the customer accepts that the goods are invoiced according to the established methods.
In any case, the delivery date cannot be postponed by more than 30 calendar days from the date indicated in the Customer Commitment signed for acceptance; in the case of postponements of more than 30 days, Idroelettrica S.p.A. reserves the right to review the agreed supply conditions (prices and payment methods).

2 - PRICE LISTS and PRICES: the prices indicated in the official price list of IDROELETTRIC S.p.A. are understood net of any tax or fee and ex-works, that is, they do not include packaging, transport, insurance and the like, which will be borne by the purchaser. The applicable prices are those in force on the date of delivery. IDROELETTRICA S.p.A. reserves the right to change the list prices of the products in the event of cost increases without notice. For invoices (or sum of invoices of the same month) of less than € 150.00 (excluding VAT), € 10.00 will be charged for expenses of minimum amount, excluding supplies paid during the month, or related to assistance or repairs.

3 - PAYMENTS: must be made promptly according to the methods and terms indicated on the invoice. If on the agreed date for delivery it is not possible to deliver the goods for reasons independent of IDROELETTRICA S.p.A., the purchaser hereby authorises IDROELETTRICA S.p.A. to invoice the material at the end of the agreed delivery month, in the manner established, even if the goods have not been collected or shipped. Any disputes relating to the materials supplied or the warranty will not in any case entitle the customer to suspend payments or modify the agreed terms. Failure to pay within the established terms authorises Idroelettrica S.p.A. to immediately suspend the supplies.
If the renewal of payments is granted or in the event of delayed payment, default interest will be calculated at the current legal rate with an increase in bank charges and lump sum reminder payments incurred. No compensation of sums or title due by the purchaser to Idroelettrica S.p.A. with the invoiced amounts is allowed.

4 - RETENTION of TITLE: the goods sold with deferred payment are deemed to be sold (article 1523 et seq., and article 2762 of the Italian Civil Code) under a condition precedent with retention of title until full payment.

5 - DELIVERY TERMS: the date indicated in the order confirmation is to be considered merely indicative and represents the date of notice of goods ready or delivery to the shipper. Only working days shall be taken into account in the delivery period. IDROELETTRICA S.p.A. in any case is not responsible for delays in delivery for any reason and no delay in delivery authorises the Purchaser to cancel or modify the orders, nor to demand penalties or compensation of any kind, nor to modify the agreed terms of payment. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties resulting from our order confirmation, the delivery of the material is always ex works. IDROELETTRICA S.p.A. may proceed with the order received by also making partial deliveries, carried out at later times, which taken as a whole, correspond to the requested supply. IDROELETTRICA S.p.A. may also, at any time, not perform or may suspend the agreed supplies, if the Purchaser defaults on the payments due.

6 - SHIPPING and TRANSPORT: the products travel at the risk of the purchaser even if they are shipped ex works to the place of destination. In the event that the delivery of the products requires the use of vehicles equipped with a hydraulic tailgate or mechanical crane, IDROELETTRIC S.p.A. must be informed in advance and this must be clearly indicated in the purchaser's order. The higher costs that will result will be charged in full to the Purchaser. If no special instructions are provided in this regard, the shipment will be made by the means deemed most appropriate by IDROELETTRICA S.p.A.

For shipments in Italy, excluding islands, the following amounts will be charged:
- minimum amount deliverable per single order: € 150 
- from € 150 to € 500 will be charged € 15 
- over € 500 will be charged 3% of the taxable

For packages exceeding 100 kg or 1 cubic metre, with a length greater than 3 metres and /or for material transportable only with crane trucks, transport costs must be agreed upon in each individual case.

7 - STORAGE COSTS: after 5 calendar days from the notice of "goods ready", if it is not possible to deliver the material for the following reasons: the Purchaser does not collect, or does not authorise the shipment in the event that the transport is carried out by IDROELETTRICA S.p.A., or it is not possible to carry it out due to lack of precise instructions from the Purchaser, IDROELETTRICA S.p.A. will charge the following storage costs, as reimbursement for insurance, handling, custody and warehousing costs:
- € 20 for each day of storage, after 5 days from the notice of goods ready
- Firebox € 150 initial fixed cost for handling and transfer to the warehouse
- Fireblock-Tanks-Tanks € 300 initial fixed cost for handling and transfer to the warehouse

The same will be applied even if 10 days (calendar) before the agreed delivery date, the Purhaser requests the suspension of an order or the postponement of the delivery date of Firebox, Fireblock and/or tanks.
The storage costs will be charged by Debit Note to be paid before delivery by Bank Transfer payment on view of invoice
By signing this order confirmation, the Purchaser is fully aware and accepts that, regardless of the delivery of the material, IDROELETTRICA S.p.A. will issue the invoice at its expense of the goods at the end of the month in which the delivery is expected, and confirms that it will comply with the agreed payment conditions in the manner established.
Idroelettrica S.p.A. is not liable for deterioration of the products that are a consequence of the prolonged stay in its warehouses.

8 - COMPLAINTS: any complaints for defects or discrepancies in the goods must be submitted in writing, within 8 days of receipt of the goods.

9 - WARRANTY: IDROELETTRICA S.p.A. guarantees its products for a maximum duration of 24 (twenty-four months) starting from the date of issue of the transport documents issued by the same and in any case according to the terms provided for by Legislative Decree no. 206 of 06/09/2005; repairs will instead have a six-month warranty. Any faults and defects must be notified in writing to IDROELETTRICA S.p.A. within eight days.