Fire-fighting units to UNI EN12845 standards with Vertical Turbine Pumps (VTP)




The VERTICALFIRE series comprises units with: Flow Q up to 450 m³/h Prevalence H up to 160 m.c.a. The VERTICALFIRE pressurisation units for fire-fighting power supply are made with axial flow submerged vertical pumps (vertical turbine pumps) as required by the UNI EN 12845 standard in article 10.6.1. The reference hydraulic diagram, in this case, is that of the underground storage tank with the pump compartment located immediately above it. The choice of using this type of machine for the construction of the units, ensures that the main pumps are always suction lift. Thus eliminating any problem related to the priming of the pumps and to the accessibility of the components of the pressurisation unit.



Suction lift installation condition: a condition preferred by the standard.



Base in sturdy welded and painted steel profiles, movable with trolley or truck-mounted crane


Each component of the unit meets the requirements of UNI EN 12845, in particular there will be:

  • Main pumps with submerged axial flow vertical axis (VTP), with connection heads for electric motors and/or transmission angle for the connection of a diesel motor UNI EN 12845 10.1
  • Electric and diesel motors with power exceeding that required by the pump at the peak of the power curve (for diesel motors the delivery curve is that NA) UNI EN 1284510.1 – 10.9.1 – 10.9.3
  • Pump/diesel motor coupling universal joints
  • Electrical control panels equipped with an EPRO control unit fully connectable to the Ethernet network Delivery columns with diameters sized according to UNI EN 12845 13.2.3 complete with non-return valves that can be inspected
  • Submerged type pilot pump complete with control circuit