Outdoor fire protection modules prefabricated to UNI11292 standards with UNI EN12845 Fire Protection Group WITH CENTRIFUGAL POMPS


Data sheet



FIREBOX is a complete and autonomous fire-fighting room. The room consists of an outdoor prefabricated fire-fighting module, FIREBOX, built by Idroelettrica S.p.A., built in full compliance with the following standards: UNI EN 12845:2020 UNI EN 11292:2019 UNI EN 10779 UNI EN 1090 - Execution class EXC2 It constitutes the room of the fire-fighting water plant. It can contain centrifugal, submerged vertical (VTP) pumps and control equipment for submerged pumps. The module has been designed to be positioned on a special structure created by the customer and will contain the completion components as required by the UNI EN12845 and UNI 11292 standards, all connected, tested and functioning.



Total accessibility for people and for the handling of the components Perfectly compliant with technical standards and legal provisions Designed to be installed in seismic area Absence of stairs and dangers for the safety of people Consolidated Text on Safety Legislative Decree 81/08 and Operating guide ISPESL 12/06/2008 R60 load-bearing structure Easy to disassemble and transport UNI 1090 certificate and produced entirely in IDROELETTRICA SPA production plants CE certification according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Can be used with existing water storage, both external and underground



Load-bearing structure in steel profiles, calculated so as to achieve a fire resistance of 60 minutes (R60) - UNI EN 12845:2020 10.3.1.
Vertical and horizontal buffers made with sandwich panel with internal insulation in rock wool for a total thickness of 80 mm (reaction to fire according to class A2 s1 d0 - UNI 11292:2019 5.1) Roof made with sandwich panel of the type suitable for structural uses Horizontal buffers that make all sides of the module into moving walls; allowing the complete opening of the room and easy access to the fire-fighting systems contained inside, both during operation of the system and in case of maintenance.
FIREBOX is designed and built following the indications of UNI 1090 Part 1 and Part 2 (Execution of steel and aluminium structures - requirements for conformity assessment of the structural components).
Compliance with this standard is indispensable to be able to build and correctly certify the metal carpentry made in the workshop. Only by complying with UNI1090 can the metal structures be CE certified.












Pumping units of the main pumps completely independent of each other (PUMP SET); the pumping units are therefore modular and made according to the provisions of UNI 11292: 2019 3.15
PUMP SETS designed to be anchored directly to the ground independently; this avoids the transmission of vibrations to the structures of the room and to any other component and/or structure, which is located inside the FIREBOX; in compliance with UNI 11292: 2019 6.6 Dimensions of the work space around each PUMP SET that complies with the requirements of UNI 11292: 2019 5.2.2Minimum useful internal height of 2.4 m – UNI 11292:2019 5.2.2 Delivery pipes inside the work space placed at a minimum height of 2 m – UNI 11292:2019 5.2.2
In the case of the presence of at least one main pump driven by a diesel motor, a ventilation of the room made by an axial aspirator, powered by the electrical network and in the event of an emergency by the UPS equipped with auxiliary batteries with 6 hours of autonomy as required by the standard.

The fan flow rate is calculated on the basis of UNI 11292: 2019 5.4.2 and is amply able to ensure the air exchange required by the standard. Fire-fighting protection according to UNI EN 12845:2020 10.3.2 with:

  • No. 1 sprinkler with standard response bulb 141°C 
  • No. 1 flow switch diam. 2” for detection sprinkler function CE marking and compliant with the standard EN 12259-5. The lengths of the free straight sections upstream and downstream of the flow switch are respected.
  • 1 test and exhaust circuit with nominal diameter >15mm Completion components as required by UNI EN 12845:2020 and UNI 11292:2019 standards, the individual components are listed and described in the relevant data sheet. The room has a standard RAL 7035 colour (light grey)