Firebox SOM

Firebox SOM

Outdoor fire-fighting module with submerged pumps


Data sheet



The FIREBOX SOM is a complete and autonomous fire room serving systems that use submerged pumps as main pumps. The module has been designed to be positioned on a special structure created by the customer and will contain the completion components as required by the UNI EN12845 and UNI 11292 standards, all connected, tested and functioning.
  • Walls made with hinged doors and therefore, fully openable
  • Total accessibility for people and for the handling of the components
  • Perfectly compliant with technical standards and legal provisions
  • Designed to be installed in seismic area
  • Absence of stairs and dangers for the safety of people
  • R60 load-bearing structure
  • Easy to disassemble and transport
  • UNI 1090 certificate and produced entirely in IDROELETTRICA SPA production plants
  • CE certification according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Can be used with existing water storage, both external and underground



FIREBOX SOM complies with all the points contained in the UNI EN 12845, UNI 11292, UNI 10779CEI 64-8 standards and the provisions of Ministerial Decree 81/2008 (Consolidated Law on Workplace Health and Safety). No exceptional transport for its shipping
FIREBOX SOM is designed and built following the indications of UNI 1090 Part 1 and Part 2 (Execution of steel and aluminium structures - requirements for conformity assessment of the structural components). Compliance with this standard is indispensable to be able to build and correctly certify the metal carpentry made in the workshop. Only by complying with UNI 1090 can the metal structures be CE certified.
FIREBOX SOM constitutes the envelope of the fire-fighting system.
Load-bearing structure in steel profiles, calculated so as to achieve a fire resistance of 60 minutes (R60) - UNI EN 12845:2020 10.3.1.
The walls of the FIREBOX SOM are made of sandwich panels that are perfectly insulated thanks to the 80mm of rock wool (EI60).














  • Fire protection by bulb sprinkler with flow status UNI EN 12845 10.3.2 (with any exclusions provided by UNI 10779).
  • Ventilation grid with dimensions according to UNI 11292 5.4.1
  • Alarm management panel A and B 220 V power supply complete with large battery charger buffer and siren with flashing light.
  • Flow meter complete with valve
  • Electric convector with antifreeze function 230 volt single-phase power supply, complete with built-in adjustable thermostat CE marked.
  • Lighting of the room, normal and emergency with lamps of adequate power and in compliance with UNI 11292
  • Fire extinguisher of class 34A144BC and, where applicable, extinguisher of class 113BC.
  • The electrical wiring is made with cables type FG 16 OM16-0.6/1kV, having a burning behaviour in accordance with CEI EN 60332-3-24 and a conductor diameter of at least 2.5 mm² of Cu (UNI EN 12845 –10.8.2).